• Torii-Inoue Foundation Application Procedure
  1. Purpose

The Torii-Inoue Endowment was first established in 1995 by the late Dr. Tetsuya Torii, and is now extended by Dr. Genki Inoue who supports the objective. Dr. Torii was an honorary member of the Society who made a great contribution to the Geochemical Society of Japan and especially active in the geochemical survey of the Antarctica. The objective of the Endowment is to support the communication and networking among the Society members and members of the related scientific societies by providing expenses necessary for meetings and activities.

  2. Eligibility

The Endowment application is open to the Geochemical Society of Japan members.

  3. Requirements subject to grant

The grants must meet the following requirements.


It is a meeting or activity for young Society members to form cooperative networks with other Society members and related academic field researchers.


The format is flexible, but the objectives of the meetings and activities must be clear.

  4. Distribution of expenses

Each grant shall be approximately 100,000 yen, and the applications are open twice a year.

  5. Application procedure

Applicants must submit an application using the separate format by e-mail by the prescribed deadline. If necessary, reference materials (the meeting plans or meeting announcement, or activity plans) may be attached.

Enforcement period


the end of JAN.
APR. - MAR.(next year)


the end of JUL.
OCT. - SEP.(next year)
  6. Selection and determination of acceptance / rejection

Selection is made by the Geochemical Society of Japan 'Torii-Inoue Endowment Selection Committee' and reported to the Board of Councilors.

  7. Submission of the report

After the activities are completed, the financial report must be made promptly provided to the Society business office. The grantee must report the outcome of the meeting or activity on the Society website.

  Download Document
Form (Torii-Inoue Foundation Application Form)
  Documents to be submitted and contact information
Dr. Takaaki Itai (general affairs secretary)
E-mail: affairs (at mark) geochem.jp
*We will contact you by e-mail within 3 days of submission. If you do not hear from us after submission, please contact us.