• "Data" - New Category of Geochemical Journal

The GJ editorial committee offers a new category, "Data", for the author of Geochemical Journal. We ensure the availability of a large variety of unpublished data, which are useful and valuable to geochemistry development, as publication (share of valuable geochemical data and datasets). The quality of research data in "Data" is validated by the review process to provide scientifically meaningful and reliable datasets. "Data" is a peer-reviewed paper and categorized as "Article" or "Article; Data Paper" in the service of Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics. In principle, the accepted manuscript is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY License). Although the Geochemical Society of Japan retains ownership of the copyright, the CC-BY licensed manuscript can be freely and widely available for anyone without restriction. We look forward to your contribution.

Geochemical Journal submission guideline

Katsuhiko Suzuki
Executive Editor, Geochemical Journal